The Firmware Update

Firmware Update 2.14: The Telltale Heart

October 23, 2018

The latest episode of The Firmware Update is, uh, real late. It's a good thing nothing terrible has happened in nearly two months since Joe & Malcolm last recorded, right? Everything's fine!!

Talking Points: Two ding dong months; the tragic fall of Telltale Games; the fate of the final season of Telltale's The Walking Dead; crunch time for Rockstar Games and Red Dead Redemption 2; Capcom shuts down its Vancouver studio; Sony is developing a PlayStation 5, and water continues to be wet; Sony finally allows cross play for Fortnite; cross play isn't coming to Fallout 76; PlayStation Experience skips 2018; the DongLord69's of the world finally get to change their PSN IDs; Marvel's Spider-Man sells like gosh dang gangbusters; Days Gone is delayed two months; the hot new Borderlands game on everyone's lips; miserable piles of secrets no more; the latest from the team behind Yakuza; a legend takes a sabbatical.

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Hosts: Malcolm Spinedi (@PSMalc) & Joe Garcia (@Wons23)

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